Renovation Vs. Rebuilding: Which Is the Better Option?

There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to a complete teardown and rebuilding or renovating.

Certain situations call for rebuilding, while some require renovation.

For some people, a clean slate is always a go-to option, but what if you hold on to that wrecking ball first and consider the alternative option, renovation?

Here’s why you should give reno a thought:

  • Costs involved
    This is a big deal. Home builds are expensive, meaning tearing down, and rebuilding is costlier, whereas building additions can be pretty cost-effective, and you’ll still get additional space.
    Moreover, you may incur a lot of additional costs with a rebuild, such as teardown costs, excavation costs, land clearing, land preparation costs, waste disposal, etc.
  • Leaving home temporarily is a big deal
    A rebuild takes twice or more time compared to a reno. You will have to rent a place during the building project.
    With a renovation, you may stay in place or simply move out for just a small duration of time.
  • You risk losing the value and character of your original home
    A clean slate may mean destroying all the valuable and memorable character of your home. Most homebuyers nowadays tend to look for the original features of a home. A rebuild will strip your home of that value.
    However, if you consider the new build to be your forever home, a rebuild is not a bad idea.
  • Heritage restrictions
    In some instances, by law, you may not be allowed to tear down certain buildings, especially those that hold a heritage history of that area.
    So, before you simply assume a rebuild is the way to go, find out any restrictions, including council restrictions of height, site cover, boundaries, and such like restrictions.

The point is, do your due diligence, and whichever is favorable, go with that option.

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