Custom Home Design trends for 2022

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2020 through to 2021 indeed had an unexpected turn of events. But one thing that came from it all is a newfound appreciation for our homes.

The pandemic has inspired not one but many homeowners and the building industry as a whole to consider some very thoughtful design elements; some of them include:

  • The love of mother nature
    Staying at home has made many crave more of nature. That has paid off in bringing the outdoors in with various nature-inspired elements, from incorporating house plants, making greater use of wood and stone elements, animal and floral prints taking center stage, and other organic elements and textures.
  • Improved living with better lighting
    There’s a new trend of layering lighting in every space. This is achieved by first allowing in more natural light through glass doors and windows, skylights, lantern windows, etc., then adding general overhead lighting and finally accenting the whole space with table sconces and floor lamps.
    The idea is to have fun lighting while improving the living environment.
  • Mixing the old and the new
    A blend of vintage and modern is taking center stage in most homes to intentionally create a space for both the old and new to thrive. Homeowners that have gone this direction seem to enjoy their homes more.
    So, if you love the clean lines of contemporary interiors with a touch of soft, organic, and rustic materials, how about you implement it in your home and see the magical difference it creates?
  • A seamless blend of bold and neutral colors
    Neutral colors are calming and bold colors speak to each person’s emotions differently. If you want to enjoy a calm space while still having aspects of your personality in the mixture, how about you unify the cool neutrals with a bold color of your choice.
  • Work from home with a dedicated office space
    Working from home is the new normal. Homeowners are designing their homes with dedicated office space in mind.

So, whether you want to build a custom home or remodel your existing space this new year, our hope is you find joy in your new space while creating a comfortable home for your family.

Borrow one or two of these new trends and notice the magical difference.

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